All models of CARBONADO rims, already at the stage of design, are adapted to installation of pressure sensor system TPMS, i.e. system monitoring tire pressure. OEM or alternative sensors, e.g. CUB, can be installed without any problem.


Pressure sensor of the TPMS system is a device that registers pressure and temperature of gas in tires. The sensor is attached to the valve and located inside the tire. It sends measurements by radio on an ongoing basis to the receiver in the car.


Using the TPMS system based on pressure sensors allows the driver to react in real-time to the pressure drop in tires. By sending alerts about improper pressure, the system improves the safety of using the vehicle: driving with under-inflated tyres may result in the loss of adhesion and prolongation of the braking distance. Caring for maintain a proper pressure in tires also eliminates the increased combustion and prolongs tread life span.


As of 1 November 2014, Directive of the European Union comes into force formulating the requirement for all new passenger cars homologated within the EU to have Tire Pressure Monitoring System – TPMS.

Thus, all new vehicles currently leaving showrooms of Polish car dealers must be equipped with factory-made systems for monitoring tire pressure.

The regulation does not specify what system is to be installed in the car. It can be both indirect or direct. The regulations do not impose on the manufacturers whether the sensors are to be original or from the secondary market (substitutes).

The Directive was introduced following the model of law valid in the US since 2007. Its main target is environmental protection – proper level of tire pressure prevents the increased fuel combustion, and thereby reduces CO2 emission. Another key aspect is the improvement of safety of persons travelling with the vehicle.