22” x 9,5 | 5 x 108

22” x 10,5 | 5 x 108



CARBONADO rims are produced in modern factories using innovative technologies of manufacturing and processing of low-pressure castings from light alloys. Only selected raw materials of the highest test are being used. At every stage of production, each rim is subjected to a rigorous quality control. Selected models of CARBONADO rims are made using the flow forming method (rolling) providing even greater durability of rims and, at the same time, smaller mass.

TPMS Ready

CARBONADO rims are designed so as to ensure installation of practically every TPMS system based on pressure sensors from leading manufacturers. TPMS, i.e. system monitoring tire pressure, sends information about the pressure by radio from sensors placed inside the wheels to the on-board computer. As a result, the driver has control over tire pressure and may react to its drop in real-time. This is reflected in a direct manner in the safety of driving, slower wear of the tread and reduction of fuel combustion.