Available sizes

Thread Thread length Head type Hex Finish Hardness
M14 x 1.25 28 mm cone 17 galvanized 10.9
M14 x 1.25 30 mm cone / ball 17 galvanized 10.9
M14 x 1.25 33 mm cone 17 galvanized 10.9
M14 x 1.25 40 mm cone 17 galvanized 10.9
M14 x 1.25 45 mm cone 17 galvanized 10.9

Along with the selection of the rim model, it is necessary to match relevant fastenings. Within Carbonado brand, we offer a wide range of necessary accessories for rims. They include: screws, caps, centering rings, valves, as well as sets protecting the rims against theft. Our accessories from the Carbonado line constitute key elements ensuring that the wheels are correctly mounted and ready for use.


Owing to production within one brand – CARBONADO – clients receive sets ideally matched in terms of technical parameters. CARBONADO accessories are produced, e.g. in Germany, Italy or Poland, and meet the strictest quality requirements. Fixing elements have been positively verified in terms of their quality during laboratory tests of CARBONADO rims in the process of PIMOT certification (Automotive Industry Institute).