The highest quality of Carbonado rims is proven by compliance certificates issued by PIMOT (Automotive Industry Institute) No. Z/CW/24/17 for disc road wheels made with light alloy in accordance with Carbonado catalogue.
This certificate confirms that the products meet the requirements of technical conditions WT/019/PIMOT/17. The rims have been tested in PIMOT Quality Centre which tested, e.g. assemblability, endurance strength to crushing and resistance to cracking when exposed to specified forces. Positive results of the certification process guarantee that the technology of manufacturing of the rims is subject to strict requirements and only premium materials are used in the production. Every Carbonado rim has all the required marks confirming quality: PIMOT sign, safety sign B28 and QR code relating to a valid certificate available at www.cert.pimot.eu.
Standard Japan Light Alloy Wheel – set of requirements concerning light alloy wheels that all passenger cars in Japan must meet. JWL sign, casted or carved in the wheel, means that the rim has been certified by the manufacturer and meets the standard. Japanese Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA) independently tests the wheels in terms of JWL compliance. The wheels which have been tested, apart from the JWL sign, bear the VIA symbol.